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Nactown Barbers

How have they found it?

Within a couple of weeks of using the app they were flying. Barbers were able to share photos of their cuts, their loyal customers no longer had to spend half their day waiting in store and they were pulling £380 extra cash per barber per month!

For the first few weeks they had to manually add a number of people who walked in the shop unaware of the app, but they then gradually reduced the number of people that were manually added and by the end of the month it was extremely rare that their customers need to be manually added. They have customers coming back a lot more frequently now due to the fact that the burden of sitting down in the shop for hours on end has been dramatically reduced and they couldn't imagine going back to the old way of queueing!

How do the customers find it?

Before BarberQ, customers would have to queue for upwards of an hour at peak times, stopping them getting on with their day and losing Nactown potential customers who didn’t want to waste their time queuing. Customers now join the queue through the app then come to the store 10/15 minutes before their cut aided by the notifications that BarberQ automatically sends.

We’ve found people love being able to glance at the state of the shop whenever they want without having to go in, and the ability to choose and review their favourite barbers has meant that one off visitors have become regulars, and regulars visit even more often! People are even logging into the app and queuing before the store opens!

So far we’ve saved our 1000s of customers an average of over 35 hours per person per year that would have been spent waiting in line - that's nearly an entire working week!



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